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Spark NeuroCare – Care Coordination

Spark NeuroCare
, launched in May 2016, is an innovative new not-for-profit collaboration providing free coordinated care services to people impacted by a progressive neurological disease (PND).

Based in Townsville and Toowoomba, Spark NeuroCare links the PND communities with local, experienced professionals – strengthening the range and accessibility of health, community and support services.

Spark NeuroCare’s coordinated service offering includes:

  • advice and information services
  • referrals to a range of allied health specialists
  • links to aid and equipment providers
  • help and support for the NDIS introduction, and
  • a range of other services and referral options.

The MND and Me Foundation has a close working relationship with the SPARK team with a shared aim to provide regional Queensland communities with the best support services available.

SPARK helps deliver $3.56M worth of NDIS packages in Townsville!

Emily Mussap – SPARK NeuroCare’s Team Leader for North / Far North Queensland recently said, “Our Progressive Neurological Disease (PND) community now has real time access to local, experienced health professionals – delivering the best support services available.

This successful initiative is making a real difference on the ground, strengthening the range and accessibility of health, community and support services.”

SPARK NeuroCare’s success can also be measured through a number of community touchpoints:

  • 88 x registered customers
  • 66 x Pre-planning preparation for NDIS meetings
  • 38 x NDIS packages – combined value of $3.56 million.

Mr Lincoln Hopper, CEO MS Queensland said, “The SPARK NeuroCare program has enabled everyone to achieve better service delivery for PND customers and generate greater efficiencies for partner organisations. This translates to better health, social and economic outcomes for the Townsville community.”

Mr Paul Olds, CEO MND and Me Foundation agreed that the success of the SPARK NeuroCare program has been achievable through the efforts of the exceptional team on the ground in Townsville, supported by the coordinated efforts of partners.

“More people than ever have access to the equipment they need, as well as access to increased funding for home improvements to help maintain their quality of life,” said Paul.

Who can use Spark NeuroCare?

The service is available to anyone in the Townsville and Toowoomba regions with a progressive neurological disease. This includes Huntington’s disease, forms of dementia, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and any other conditions that are considered progressive and neurological.

What is the cost to use SPARK’s services?

Services are currently free of charge, and with the introduction of the NDIS, some services may be covered by an individual’s NDIS package. There is no current plan to charge out-of-pocket expenses for anyone who accesses SPARK’s services.

Who supports Spark NeuroCare?

The collaborative venture is powered by MND and Me Foundation, Epilepsy Queensland, Huntington’s Queensland, MND Association of Queensland, MS Queensland and Youngcare.

Contact SPARK

You can visit the SPARK website, call the team members on 1800 875 244, or email the team via Alternatively, you can ask the team at the MND and Me Foundation and we will provide you with specific contact details to suit your needs.