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In 2023, we are proud to announce that funding of MND Research by the MND and Me Foundation has passed $2.5 million dollars. This amazing total is made possible by the outstanding fundraising efforts of all of our supporters and donors both big and small. Public fundraising for MND research over the last few years has been an absolute game changer.

Cohesive efforts from MND associations across the globe, catapulting off the success of campaigns such as the ice-bucket challenge has resulted in a surge in research and collaboration and new findings. MND and Me Foundation’s mission – To Care and to Cure – is a driving force for the Foundation to provide funding to understand the causes, find effective treatments and discover cures for MND.

To read and update on MND and Me Foundation funded research grants, please click HERE.

Access Economics has estimated that for every $1 invested in Australian health and medical research- this will generate an average return of >$2 in health benefits to the nation. Given the devastating prognosis for those with MND now, the reward could in fact be much greater.

Funded Research Grants

The MND and Me Foundation is committed to funding high quality research by ensuring the research grants are won through a competitive process. Projects are rigorously assessed and ranked by the Motor Neuron Disease Research Institute Australia (MNDRIA) Committee. This funding then can support researchers obtaining larger grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

In 2023 the following grants have been awarded by the MNDRIA:

NTI Research Grant

Dr John Lee, University of Queensland

“Therapeutic potential of targeting the core protein of inflammasome in MND.”

Murray Geale Research Grant

Dr Frederik Steyn, University of Queensland

“Untangling mechanisms of energy impairment across the ALS-FTD spectrum of disease.

Col Bambrick Research Grant

Dr Adam Walker, Queensland Brain Institute

“Identifying proteins that control TDP-43 post-translational modification.”

Fat Rabbit Research Grant

Dr Margreet Ridder, Queensland Brain Institute

“Drug Controlled Gene Therapy for Motor Neuron Disease.”

All four MND and Me Foundation/MNDRIA research grants are designed to drive innovative research that has a clear relationship to the causes, treatments or cures of MND.

Scott Sullivan Research Fellow

Dr Fleur Garton, University of Queensland

Scott Sullivan Research Fellow 2021 – 2024

As well as these grants, the Scott Sullivan Research Fellow funding for Dr Fleur Garton will continue until the end of 2024. You can read more about Dr Garton and her work HERE.

The MND and Me Foundation has made donations to the following institutions: