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Past Events

The Foundation’s ongoing commitment to provide the right assistance to the right people at the right time, is only possible due to the generosity of our corporate partners, donors, sponsors and event participants. It’s these efforts and contributions that enable us to make a real difference to people living with motor neurone disease.

The MND and Me Foundation is also honoured that we continue to be approached to join existing initiatives as a participant and/or as a beneficiary of external fundraising activities. This involvement in corporate and individually planned events continues to strengthen our MND and Me community and positions the Foundation well to promote and deliver on our service offering to those in need.

If you are thinking of organising a fundraising event, please get in contact with Jane on 3394 5333 or [email protected] to source assistance and resources for running successful fundraising events. 

MND Events

Scott Sullivan Memorial Gala

The inaugural Gala was held in 2011 to help raise funds to support Scott and his family. This event raised $80K and was the start of fundraising for the Foundation. This event has now raised over $420,000 and continues to be a celebration of the MND and ME Foundation family as well as a fundraising event. Photos of the event can be found HERE.



Gold Coast Marathon

In July 2011, Scott Sullivan and his band of supporters raced in their very first Gold Coast Marathon Festival with entrants from as young as 4 participating. Since then, the Orange Army has grown to be over 300 hundred runners raising an average of $100,000 each year. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

Millions Metres Ride


The original Million Metres for MND Ride was held in May 2013 when Scott Sullivan and Ian Davis, both living with MND, rode a specially designed tandem bicycle from Brisbane to Sydney over 16 days. This two-man mission captured the hearts of the communities along the route and was able to raise over $60,000 for MND research. In 2016, 20 riders followed the same route and collectively raised $160K. In 2018 a different route was taken from Townsville to Brisbane and 24 riders collectively raised $100,000. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

Pies to Pacific Ride

This annual cycling event from Yatala Pies Shop to Byron Bay was started in 2016 as a part of the Million Metres ride to Sydney. Since then it has been held annually and has raised over $313,000. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

Everest Base Camp

In September and October 2018, 44 intrepid adventurers all set off to hike to Everest Base Camp. The group came from all backgrounds, including many who have been personally touched by MND and collectively they raised over $190,000. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

New York Marathon

In November 2015, 42 MND and Me Foundation supporters ran the New York Marathon. For some this was the first time they had run a marathon, for others it was a long term dream. Collectively they raised $239,000. A video of the effort can be viewed HERE.

The majority of our events have a photo album on our Facebook page. Please click HERE to see all the fantastic photos.

Third party organised events

These events are organised by people in the MND Community who want to make a difference. You too can organise a fundraising event and the Foundation is able to support your idea in many ways so please get in contact at the beginning of your planning process to find out how.

MW Recruitment Corporate Swim 


Now in its seventh year, this swimming carnival is organised by MW Recruitment and held between leading Law and Accounting Firms in Brisbane. Over the 7 years, MW Recruitment has raised over $150,000 through this event and have raised the awareness of MND with all the competitors and their families. Photos of the event can be found HERE.

Kokoda Trail

In April 2019, 20 relatives and friends of Sean Dorney, who is living with MND and was once the ABC Foreign Correspondent in PNG, trekked the Kokoda Trail, ending up at the Isurava War Memorial on ANZAC Day. Together the group raise $96,000 for the Foundation.

Drummond Golf Day

Drummond Golf at Underwood has held three golf days for the Foundation. This annual event is now looked for by supporting golfers as it is a really fun day out on the course in support of the Foundation.

Bundaberg Fundraisers

A group of supporters in Bundaberg run regular fundraising events, including a regular market stall, all in aid of the Foundation. So far during 2018 and 2019, they have raised over $18,000.

Many other individual events are held every month in support of the MND and Me Foundation. Some ideas if you are thinking of holding an event are: golf days, trivia nights, football club dedicated game days, dunking machine challenges and group personal training sessions. The list is endless so if you have an idea, please contact us so we can work together to make the event a success.