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Carer Support

The MND and Me Foundation is committed to improving the lives of those impacted by Motor Neurone Disease. Our services include – specially designed workshops, face-to-face meetings, online forums and individual advice for care, equipment and support.

The Foundation aims to reduce the burden of recently diagnosed patients and their families, and provide practical assistance to people living with MND, and their Carers, to help them cope with present and future challenges. We are only a phone call away.

Mindfulness Training


We have recently concluded our forth Mindfulness Training program for a group of Carers who care for a person with MND.

Leading experts in ‘Mind Training and Mindfulness’ helped the Carers learn techniques that:

  • provided Carers with a range of useful tools and practices
  • helped Carers deal with the chaos and overwhelm of life as a Carer for someone with MND
  • provided Carers with the ability to de-stress and become more resilient in a demanding environment
If you’d like to learn more about our Mindfulness Training from other MND Carers, you can view feedback from our most recent group. All of the participants reported an extremely positive experience and are actively promoting the benefits of the program in their family environment.

A date for the 2019 Program is currently being devised. Please watch this space for more information. If you’re keen to participate in next year’s Mindfulness Program, REGISTER your interest today. [email protected] or call 07 3394 5333.

Learn more about previous years’ programs …

In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 we invited groups of Carers to participate in this very special ‘Out of Your Mind Mindfulness’ training program. This cutting edge development program, is designed specifically to restore a sense of perspective and control for people under high pressure.

We engaged leading experts in “Mindfulness” techniques to provide a range of tools and practices to help carers deal with the chaos and overwhelm of life as a carer for someone with MND. The program focused on providing strategies to de-stress and become more resilient in this demanding environment.

The initial four-week program was made possible through the generosity of the IOOF Foundation and was expertly facilitated by Out of Your Mind. Subsequent follow-up sessions are facilitated by Out of Your Mind and conducted at the Queensland MND Centre.

Go to the following link for testimonials from first-time participants.

How can participating in the program help you?

The program’s focus is to provide participants with the tools to reduce the mental interference that gets in the way of them being at their best, being able to bounce back in the face exhaustion and the relentless demands being placed on them. These include: fatigue, overwhelm, fear, lack of awareness and lack of focus. The program helps you build capabilities of a high performance mind: mind health, mind efficiency, mind resilience and access to the creative and intuitive mind.

The program is made up of 4 modules, each supported by science and outcome based

  • 1. The Mind Health module reduces resting breathing rate, improves sleep, increases the capacity to deal with pressure and crisis, lowers fear reactions, reduces the busy-ness of the mind and helps remove the daily stress layer. The end result is the provision of the foundation to keep your mind healthy.
  • 2. The Mind Efficiency module delivers greater access to the focused mind, resulting in more time, less overwhelm and greater awareness. The end result is more space, greater mental clarity resulting in more efficient practices.
  • 3. The Mind Resilience module delivers an expansion of your comfort zone, resulting in less reactivity. Participants understand how to optimise stress levels for higher performance and enable greater focus so they can stay fully present. The end result is strengthening of the mind so it is more resilient under pressure.
  • 4. The High Powered Mind module equips participants with the ability to access the creative and intuitive mind, and use a new lens to make better, more mindful decisions.

Training benefits

All of the mind training programs are customised. Participants are invited via a simple on line questionnaire to prioritise the following training benefits.

  • Thrive in overwhelm
  • Perform in chaos
  • Strengthen your ability to focus, positively impacting your efficiency
  • Deal with fear and worry
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce the volume of noise in the mind (the inner opponent)
  • Build mental resilience
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enhance creativity
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Help to identify your blind spots
  • Cope with pain
  • Recover from an upset quickly
  • Become more fully present.

Once the core mind themes for the workshop are finalised, a deeper level of tailoring of the program is developed by weaving in specific issues carers face. Pre- and post- surveys are conducted to measure the efficacy and benefits of the training for the participants – with key learnings adopted for future follow-up sessions and programs.

Contact MND and Me Foundation to register and/or to learn more about the popular Minfulness sessions [email protected] or call 07 3394 5333.