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Voice Banking

Voice banking is a way for a person to record and store their own voice to use at a later date when they may have trouble speaking. You record your voice and then the sounds are broken down to create a synthetic version of your natural voice. After a person records their voice, it can be used on a smartphone, tablet, computer or other communication device. These devices are called ‘speech generating devices’. When using these devices to communicate, you can type or use pictures to create words and sentences.

Who is Voice banking for?

Voice banking is for anyone who may experience worsening of their speech. It is an option for people living with MND due to the worsening nature of the condition. Most people’s speech and voice will change but it will progress differently and at varying rates, which is why it is important that people know of this process and have the option to get started right away if voice banking is suitable for them.

Unfortunately, some people may already have speech that is too slurred to make a clear recording. If this is the case for you, you may still be able to voice bank. However, the end result will sound like your current slurred speech and may be difficult for others to understand. This is why it’s best to start voice banking early.

When should I begin?

It is important to start as early as possible, even before you have any speech changes, so the voice you record will sound the most like your own, original voice. It can be very upsetting to think about possibly losing your voice. If you would like to give voice banking a go, try not to wait too long before starting.

What will my recorded voice sound like?

Your recorded voice should sound mostly like your natural voice.

How do I start?

Thanks to the wonderful work of Speech Pathologist Stacey Verner-Wren, in collaboration with University of Queensland Students: Peggy Ching, Ellen Cook, Lauren Hose, Roshni Lad, Sarah Moller, Ashlee Spark, Sarah Wong, and Sammie Yip, we have a Voice Banking at Home Guide to get you started.

This highly practical guide gives you a step by step directions on how you can start voice banking as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation on 07 3394 5333.

Download the Voice Banking at Home Guide