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Fight MND Grant helping Queenslanders

The MND and Me Foundation is enormously grateful to receive a grant from Fight MND to purchase non-invasive ventilation equipment which has proven to alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life and prolong survival of people living with Motor Neurone Disease.

By collaborating with The Queensland Sleep Disorders Program we can ensure that the equipment is used to support Queenslanders living with MND as best possible. This is especially important for people in regional areas of the State. At present, most Queensland MND patients are provided with less robust pumps which require external battery backup – and most are not designed to be used as a potential life support device.

From L to R: MND and Me Foundation CEO Mr Paul Olds presents the MND Equipment Package to The Prince Charles Hospital’s Director of Sleep Disorders Centre Dr Deanne Curtin, and Director of Sleep Sciences Dr Greg Jorgensen.

Clients at higher risk for additional backup protection. These devices also use the same backup battery as the ventilators so make battery management much easier and safer.

The Cough Assist device can be used to alleviate symptoms in patients with a poor cough, especially during chest infections. Access to this device will have an extremely positive impact on people living with MND as MND clinics previously didn’t have access to dedicated cough assist devices for MND client use.

Having these devices in the broader community will help people living with MND to maintain their independence, dignity, and will contribute to a better quality of life for them and their families.

Other highilghts for the first half of this year include

  • The The first “Voice Banking” pilot participant went live in April – breaking down barriers to help people stay connected to family and friends.
  • Continued distribution of special I-Pads to MND customers – as part of our Communication Connect Program – for people who are experiencing communication challenges.
  • Short-term emergency rental equipment for people who require immediate access.