Short-term Equipment Loans – MND and Me Foundation

Short-term Equipment Loans

The MND and Me Foundation is committed to ensuring Queenslanders with MND have timely access to much needed equipment. Due to the progressive nature of MND, lengthy waiting periods for equipment are not an option.

The Foundation has established a partnership with Think Mobility in Brisbane, Townsville and Mackay to fill the gap between the prescription of the equipment and its availability via a government agency, NDIS package, Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland or direct private purchase.

This short-term rental solution, funded by the MND and Me Foundation, enables people with MND to have quick access to a high-quality equipment pool – designed to maintain or improve life quality.

People living with MND

The MND and Me short-term equipment loan pool can only be accessed through the recommendation of an Allied Health Professional. If you have MND and wish to participate in this program, please ask your occupational therapist or physiotherapist to contact us at [email protected] .

If you do not have access to an Allied Health Professional, please email us at [email protected] and we will attempt to refer you to a health professional within your local community.

Allied Health Professional

If you have a client who could benefit from accessing the MND and Me Foundation short term equipment loan pool, please contact us directly to commence the process at [email protected]  or phone 07 3394 5333.

Equipment Rental List

Hospital beds

  • Hospital bed (includes side rails and foam mattress
  • Bed extenders (includes bolster)
  • Gooseneck
  • Bed stick single
  • Cobra stick
  • Bed rail
  • Bed cradle
  • Over bed table


  • Mattress – alternating air overlay 5″
  • Mattress – alternating air replacement 8″
  • Mattress – alternating air replacement 9″


  • Light weight – self propelled 16″ and 18″
  • Light weight – transit 16″ and 18″
  • Bariatric – 20″ and 22″
  • Options include stump support, elevating leg rest and oxygen bottle holder

Power Chairs

  • Electric mobility wheelchair

Mobility aids

  • Crutches
  • Forearm – all sizes
  • Walking frames (wheels and no wheels)
  • Wheelie walker – 4 wheel walker 6″ wheels
  • Wheelie walker – 4 wheel walker 8″ wheels
  • Gutter walker

Hoists and slings

  • Standing hoist
  • Lifting hoist with spreader
  • Lifting hoist with pivot
  • Slings (various sizes)

Bath / Shower accessories

  • Shower stool
  • Shower chair
  • Bath transfer bench
  • Bath board

Shower commode

  • Attendant propelled
  • Self propelled
  • Tilt in space


  • Over toilet aid
  • Toilet surround
  • Bedside commode


  • Shower stool 50cm – SWL 135kg
  • Shower stool 55cm – SWL 300kg
  • Shower stool 60cm – SWL 300kg
  • Shower chair 50cm – SWL 135kg
  • Over toilet aid 50cm – SWL 135kg
  • Over toilet aid 55cm – SWL 300kg
  • Over toilet aid 60cm – SWL 300kg
  • Bedside commode 50cm – SWL 135kg
  • Shower commode 50cm – SWL 150kg

Chairs and seating aids

  • Adjustable – low back
  • Adjustable – high back
  • Adjustable – kitchen stool
  • Adjustable – foot stool
  • Nursing/Recline – air comfort nursing chair
  • Nursing/Recline – recline lift chair
  • Bariatric – low back
  • Bariatric – high back